Why we should spend less time dreaming of more space, and more time living on less space — an urban planner’s reflections.

Driving under the Egmont clock through the centre of Copenhagen. Photo by Nick Karvounis via Unsplash.

Embracing natural, organic complexity to create thriving, healthy cities in a post-digital world

Facetted stainless steel and glass installation at Old Street roundabout, London. Image by author. Art by DeMakersVan.

Inspired by the March 2021 Festival of Place conference, originally published on Hassellstudio.com in May 2021.

At a very high level, creating social impact is about increasing the capacity for communities to thrive. And when we talk about thriving communities, the role of design is key.

Integrating Design and Technology in Future Streets (2017, co-authored)

What will our future streets, and thereby cities, look and feel like? Caption: Altered photograph of Chris Burden’s kinetic art piece “Metropolis II” on display at LACMA, Los Angeles.

Updating the urban experience

Introduction to Laka Perspectives Vol. 02 (2019)

Laka Perspectives Vol. 02. Index page.

Review of Les Architectes FABG’s transformation of a Mies van der Rohe gas station in Verdun, Montreal (2013)

MONTREAL. Mies van der Rohe gas station refurbished by Les Architectes FABG.

From smart cities to smarter communities (2015)

MONTREAL. Fireworks seen from the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Image by author.

What’s in it for me? (2015)

COPENHAGEN. ‘Superkilen’ in Nørrebro. Image by author.

Camilla Siggaard Andersen

Cities Research. Strategic Design. Urban Innovation.

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